Submit any questions you might have to  See the following questions and answers:

Q: How do I change my Username?

A: We will need to do that just email us your current username and the one you would like to use. Username's are published on the site for bidding and purchase history information so you should not use your email address as a username.

Q: I can't seem to get a password to take when registering.

A: Please try again keeping in mind you likely can't use special many characters like ".,@#%!()-+';:" etc.  The password must also be at least 6 characters long.  Finally if your password is "Greens" then "greens" will not work as the password is case sensitive.

Q: Why can't I bid?

A: Try again making sure you are logged in, enter the amount of your bid, click the Submit Bid button and finally confirm the bid on the next page by clicking the Submit button.  If you are still having problems let us know any error messages you might receive.

Q: How do I pay with PayPal?

A: Similar to eBay, you can pay by PayPal by either clicking on the link in the emailed invoice or logging into our site and going to My Accounts then Invoices - Purchase.  After selecting the invoice to pay there will be a PayPal button will be at the top of the invoice. Then you will be asked to log into your PayPal account.

Q: How do I pay with a Credit Card?

A: Currently the only way to use a Credit Card on our site it to go through PayPal and select that potion through their site.

Q: Why was I outbid by less than the bidding increment?

A: Bidders can always bid any amount over the next required bid.  At times this results in a subsequent bidder entering a bid slightly above your secret to bid.  You can click on Bid History to see all the bids and proxy / automated bids.  Bids executed at the exact same time indicate a new bid and the automatic entering of a proxy bid toward the earlier bidders secret high bid. The first bidder wins tie bids and this is one reason people often bid in odd amounts.

Q: What is the purpose of the 15 second rule?

A: Many people do not like the eBay model where people can use sniping computer programs to bid literally at the second with no time for the prior high bidder to respond.  A real live auction does not end at a certain time, they end when the auctioneer does not see any further bidding (going once, going twice, sold).  Snipe programs don't work with our site or, as far as we are aware, any other site aside from eBay.  Our software comes with what they call Snipe Protection which automatically extends the auction if someone bids in the last 15 seconds similar to a real old fashion in person auction.  That is the intent.

Q: Why are some of your coins not slabbed?

A: Many reasons: Cost and storage (we have 1,000's of CWT and 10,000's of other tokens in stock). Slabs are also very difficult to photograph. We are far from professional photographers. Most slabs we have in stock were purchased that way from collectors or other dealers...though we are an authorized NGC and PCGS dealer. In general slabs do not add much value unless the piece is fairly high grade MS64 and above. Paradoxically, in many cases we believe slabs can reduce the value of certain tokens (usually under $200 or so) as a check on completed items on eBay will show. This happens by limiting the market, most non coin people could care less about slabs and in some cases actively avoid them because they don't want to mix and match with what they have or are under the impression that slabs tokens will be too expensive. This is true of the majority of buyers on eBay whether they are Civil War memorabilia collectors, general token collectors or a local history buff. Most serious CWT collectors have 2,000 or so pieces in their collections mostly raw while a coin person dabbling in CWT is likely to have 200 or so pieces mostly slabbed. On numerous occasions a customer will asked me to remove the token from the slab for them. With 12,000 or so varieties made by many different manufacturers of varying skills it is a real challenge to grade consistently and accurately. Unfortunately CAC still does not accept CWT which might help the situation some, but inconsistency would still rule. To date NGC graded around 40,000 CWT's and PCGS has just begun. Over the same time period we have easily sold over twice that many raw pieces. For comparison NGC has graded over 108,000 1924 $20 Gold pieces just in MS64 (325,000 total)...and even on these they take hits for not being consistent. Think of that an average of 4 tokens per variety graded over compared to over 300,000 for just one coin, it is simply impossible to be consistent. Bottom line is unless we made a derogatory comment on Raw token like Detail... or But... it should slab at least the grade we assign...we tend to be conservative. 


1.  Free shipping, handling and insurance on all fixed price items.

2.  Items for deliver within South Carolina must pay 8% for South Carolina sales tax unless a resale number is supplied.  Buyer from other states are responsible for paying any sales / use tax that may be required.

3.  Returns will be accepted on any item incorrectly described at the time of sale or items found not to be genuine.

4.  Items can be paid for by check, money order or Paypal.


1.  There are NO buyer's fees in this sale.  What you bid is the most you will pay.

2.  Bidding increments are as follows $5 from $0 to $100, $10 from $100 to $250, $25 from $250 to $500, $50 from $500 to $1,000, $100 from $1,000 to $2,500, $250 from $2,500 to $5,000, $500 from $5,000 to $10,000, $1,000 from $10,000 to $25,000 and $2,500 above $25,000.

3.  Shipping charges include postage, handling and insurance are listed for each listing.

4.  Invoices for deliver within South Carolina must pay 8% for South Carolina sales tax unless a resale number is supplied.  Bidders from other states are responsible for paying any sales / use tax that may be required.

5.  Mail, Fax, Phone and Email bids must be received at least one day before the closing date.

6.  Online bids on each lot can be entered at any time until that auction closes as noted in description and possible extentions.

7.  Closing times for each lot are automatically extended for 15 seconds if a bid is received within the last 15 seconds.  This will continue until there is no more bidding on that item. All lot will close sequentially by lot number.

8.  Estimates which appear after the description are only a guide and lots will often be sold above and below those amounts.

9.  Returns will be accepted on any lots incorrectly described, however, since the majority of this material is consigned all sales will be considered final 14 days after lot delivery.

10.  The auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid or withdraw any lot.

11.  Items can be paid for by check, money order or Paypal.

12.  Placing a bid constitutes acceptance of the above terms.